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Last updated april 2016

From Haylee

(Sent: Monday 28th March 2016)
Thank you so much for building this database! I can see that it's not complete yet, but it's already looking great! Hopefully there will be some people willing to contribute SGF files. Let me know when you are ready to take it to public. I will share the link on my Haylee facebook page


From me

I made this site to be able to easily access all Haylee's games on her Youtube-channel. Furthermore, I hope to collect game-records (as sgf-files) of those games, which will then be shared here.
For this we need your help!
If you watch any of these games, please record them simultaneaously on you computer, mobile or tablet. Then please upload them.
Ger de Groot

Here I am interpreting for Saijo-sensei during the 2009 European Go Congres in Groningen.
Aya (7 y.) is choosing a move.
interpreting for Saijo-sensei

From You

Vlad Levin: I think the Haylee site is a great idea. There is a neat new app called gokibitz.com and I thought it might be neat to have an additional link for each game such that people could discuss the games socially as well as just download the base sgf file. Thanks for cool web site!
WM: Mentioned on the homepage now.
Pau Bofill: Dear web master, First of all thank you to hajin and yourself for such incredible learning resource. Just one comment. Since the database shows the game results, the emotion to see how is the game going to end up is spoiled. Best and thanks again.
WM: I added a choice to hide results.