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Haylee in Swiserland Haylee in Swiserland
  When Haylee first started recording her Tygem games on Youtube in October 2014 and talking about her thoughts for each move live during the match, no one knew who she was. She started at 5 dan (highest rank to start anonymous account). She proceeded to win game after game, making people wonder who she was. After quite some time, she revealed that she was Hajin Lee, 3 dan professional from Korea. (from ajile [2k])


  This site has grown out of a project I started in April 2016 to collect the Tygem games of Haylee. I asked her for sgf-files, but she answered it was not possible to save game records on Tygem. Since she put in so much work to create all the video's, and viewers had donated money for a microphone, camera, desklamp and a new haistyle, I thought I might donate my database. I also hoped to get more records of the games, to share here. Together we collected all 128 games in 10 days! You can find them all in the database (DB) A search function makes it possible to search for instance moyo games or what-have-you.

  Hajin however made more YouTube video's than the live games video's. See Projects.
  I also added some Haylee's pictures, and an overview of where you all come from. For easy viewing of the games, I added the Open Source EIDOGO sgf viewer.

  Please enjoy the site, and mail me with any comment!
Ger de Grootwebmaster atmark hajin.nl


You can see the first game with some comments on gokibitz. And you are free to add your own comments...

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