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Nr W/B +/-
 TitleYou Tube Description (italic remarks are mine, not Hajin's) 
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01   Catching Scent of Victory Author: O Rissei 9P / Publisher: Hinoki Press (18-09-15)
02   Otake's Secrets of Strategy Author: Otake Hideo / Publisher: Hinoki Press (250 pages) (25-09-15)
03   Changing One's Conceptions  Awaji's Aphorisms, Author: Awaju Shujo 9P / Publisher: Hinoki Press (02-10-15)
04   The Only Move: Joseki/Fuseki Author: Fujisawa Shuko 9P / Publisher: Hinoki Press (200 pages) (16-10-15)
05   The Only Move: Middle Game Author: Fujisawa Shuko 9P / Publisher: Hinoki Press (200 pages) ( 23-10-15)
06   Takao's Astute Use of Brute Force  Author: Takao Shinji 9P / Publisher: Hinoki Press (30-10-15)
07   The Way of Creating a Thick and Strong Game  Author: Hane Naoki 9P / Publisher: Hinoki Press (06-11-15)
08   Zone Press Park  Author O Meien 9P / Publisher: Hinoki Press (12-11-15)
09   The Art of Closing The Art of Closing: Guanzipu (6 books in total) (20-11-15)
10   Breakthrough Attacking Power Yamashita-style, Author: Yamashita Keigo 9P / Publisher: Hinoki Press (27-11-15)
11   Outside the Board by Hajin Lee This is an ad for my first book, Outside the Board :) Find the book on Amazon: http://goo.gl/J03G0T (13-03-16)