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 TitleYou Tube Description (italic remarks are mine, not Hajin's) 
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02   AlphaGo Korean Pros' Reaction to AlphaGo's Online Games (15-01-17)
03   Master vs Ke Jie AlphaGo's Online Game Review 1 (08-01-17)
04   AlphaGo vs Ke Jie AlphaGo's Online Game Review 2 (11-01-17)
05   Master vs Park Junghwan AlphaGo's Online Game Review 3 (14-01-17)
06    18-01-17  (v=bO9CvC7lZ-o)
07   Highlights The Future of Go Summit: AlphaGo Game Highlights (13-06-17)
08   AlphaGo Zero Peeking at AlphaGo Zero: Game Review 1 (19-10-17)
09   Zero vs AlphaGo-Lee AlphaGo Zero Game Review 2 (17-11-17)