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08   OGS Pro Exhibition Antti Tormanen (Ten) 1p vs. Hajin Lee (Haylee) 3p - The pre-game interview, commentary and post-game review of Haylee vs. Ten on January 9, 2016, featuring Stephen Hu AGA 5d and Calvin Sun AGA 1p! (10-01-16)
09   Go Talk Episode 11: Lee Hajin 3p I have Hajin "Haylee" Lee! We talk about Alpha Go, Go/Baduk in Korea, Hajin's Background in Go/Baduk, Pro Life, and Hajin's stream. Go Talk? More like Baduk Talk. (21-02-16)
10   1st "Romanov business services" Hajin Lee 3p "Haylee" and Manja Marz 3d comment the games of Ilya Shikshin 1p vs Mateusz Surma 1p and Alexandre Dinerchtein 3p vs Fan Hui 2p. (14-02-16)
11   Outside the Board This is an ad for my first book, Outside the Board :) (13-03-16)
12a   How I became a pro I This video tells you how I became a pro and reviews two important games - one I lost and one I won the following year. (16-04-16)
12b   How I became a pro II Same video as 12a, but the sgf of the second game. (16-04-16)
13   2016 EGC Promo 1 2016 EGC Promo Match Round 1: Haylee vs. Russian Team! (Grigorij Fionin 6-dan) (11-06-16)
14   2016 EGC Promo 2 2016 EGC Promo Match Round 2: Haylee vs. Russian Team! (Alexandre Dinerchtein 3P ) (12-06-16)
15   2016 EGC Promo 2 2016 EGC Promo Match Round 3: Haylee vs. Russian Team! (Sankin Timor 6-dan) (18-06-16)