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 TitleYou Tube Description (italic remarks are mine, not Hajin's) 
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120   Crazy Cut Forgot to adjust the webcam frame to let you see the players and time setting. Sorry :( (03-01-16)
121   Early Damage hippophile2: What a bully you are Haylee! Poor black... :-) (08-01-16)
122   Hello Antti This is a game review of the exhibition game on OGS against Antti Tormanen 1P (20-01-16)
123   Peaceful Development Jean: black moyo impossible to reduce after the black wall in the middle (13-02-16)
124   Early Approach Barry: Exciting game! I'm glad you didn't turn into a dumpling. (16-02-16)
125   Use of Tengen tuerda: The extremely creative and unorthodox fighting ideas are typical of Zhaonian (Michael) Chen's play. (21-02-16)
126   Exchange Timing Black comes in, and white has to protect the territory and the weak group at the same time... (29-03-16)
127   Thickness Black's thickness in the center was too good! (I won that chess game! haha) (01-04-16)
128   Database Check out the new database for this channel! Thanks, Mr. Ger de Groot (1 dan), for the database! :) (06-04-16)
129   Squeeze Attempt Black was going to do a couple of little exchanges for future squeeze... (20-04-16)
130   Indecisive The game was over after the two fights, first in the left side and second in the right center. (27-04-16)
131   Difficult Attack I had no spoilers about the result. Playing alongside in the SGF editor is fun..(Douglas Drumond (14-05-16)
132   Gigantic Seki Black hole with 4 stones on 7-4 points. (Hajin announces the live-straming with Crazy Stone). (20-05-16)
133   Using an Attachment One small exchange of attachment can change a lot. (29-05-16)
134   Summer Break I will come back in September with a new video! Webmaster: 9-dan flag is from Serbia. (22-06-16)
135   I'm back  First video after moving to Geneva, Switzerland! :) (11-09-16)
136   Mission in Black tuerda: this game was very exciting! (09-10-16)
137   Serious Opening If I graduate and somehow get a job, I'll play more games. (23-12-16)