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 TitleYou Tube Description (italic remarks are mine, not Hajin's) 
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44   Real-time Tesuji White's attack in the upper left corner was a bit clumsy. (04-01-15)
45   Floating Homeless During the countdown black didn't realize that it was behind in territory. (05-01-15)
46   Long Endgame Around late midgame White played a bit slow while black took big places around the board. (06-01-15)
47   Enough to Win It seemed like the game depended on the life and death of the white group in the center. (07-01-15)
48   Careless Hane White starts with a good opening, but a few slack moves endanger the game. (09-01-15)
49   Failed Attack White had to be better in attacking the left side. (12-01-15)
50   Counterattack Black was trying to get something out of white's weakness in the center, but the situation just kept getting worse. (11-01-15)
51   Endgame Battle Being balanced from the beginning, the game was all up to the endgame. (15-01-15)
52   Free Software Accident It turned out the other software records only up to 10 minutes. Long story short, white won :) (19-01-15)
53   Hasty Endgame When white's group was surrounded on the right side, white wasn't careful enough. (20-01-15)
54   No Mid-Game First game as 9 dan! :) (21-01-15)
55   Scary Wedge 30 seconds was not enough time to read things through, the game became difficult when white's right side group was cut off. (23-01-15)
56   Too Deep Black got into trouble in the center, and the game went crazy. (26-01-15)
57   Endgame Accident Black's right side wasn't working but.... Haylee messed up :-) (27-01-15)
58   Probing before connecting  Black took the lead when black got sente from the lower left corner. (29-01-15)
59   Swimming in the White Black got into trouble as black's two stones in the lower side were trapped in the white's moyo. (31-01-15)
60   I am a pro This is a game review of my 6th game in 9D. (02-01-15)
61   Gigantic Death White just needed to save the group in the center... (04-01-15)
62   Central Battle With black's unusual choice of joseki in the lower left corner, the whole opening was quite different. (07-01-15)
63   Black hole in the universe of Go Black Hole Opening :) (09-01-15)
64   Counterattack Black was trying to get something out of white's weakness in the center, but the situation just kept getting worse. (11-01-15)
65   Dark Thickness While white wasn't really ahead of territory, black built a good moyo in the center. (21-01-15)
66   Half Point Defeat A very close game followed by intense fights from the middle game. (24-01-15)
67   All about endgame As black develops the left side toward the center, the center became the crucial area of the game. (26-01-15)
68   Sequence Magic White was trying to find a place to capitalize the thickness in the center and things get really complicated. (28-01-15)
69   Inadequate Ko Don't lose your sente :( (02-03-15)
70   Early Invasion Interesting exchange in the opening... (04-03-15)
71   It's not over yet As white gained a huge territory on the left side, black's only hope was to build a big territory in the center. (04-03-15)
72   Creating a Ko Threat Interesting ko fight from the opening. (20-03-15)
73   Kill or Die With white's huge territory in from the left side to the upper side, black had to capture the white in the center. (23-03-15)
74   Run, Run, Run Black should have paid more attention to developing the right side. (25-03-15)
75   Tengen Experiment Mirror Go as black. (28-03-15)
76   Magic Mirror Mirror Go as white.Title credit: Corentin A. (30-03-15)
77   Greedy Monkey-jump Black's mistake on the left side led to bad exchanges, and white became comfortable with a strong position in the center. (02-04-15)
78   Pandanet Experience First game on Pandanet! Turned out I had a reverse komi... (04-04-15)
79   Starting with a Cut White lost sente at a crucial moment and didn't get a chance to recover. (07-04-15)
80   Whole Board Joseki One joseki leads to a big battle and the battle fills up the whole board... (10-04-15)
81   Playing a World Champion The 20th LG Cup World Baduk Championship Preliminary 1R (03-04-15)
82   Dragon Hunt White was trying to build some potential territory in the center, but then black didn't secure its life. (16-04-15)
83   Beyond Star Points White got into a bad fight in the upper side. (27-04-15)
84   After a black hole 2nd attempt of the black hole opening :) (first attempt was game 63) (29-04-15)
85   One Huge Battle The crucial point was the fight in the center that developed from the left side. (04-05-15)
86   Countdown I was focused on counting and I thought the countdown was for my opponent... :( Actually white was 2,5 points ahead. (11-05-15)
87   Failed Invasion Black was somewhat slow from the opening... (13-05-15)
88   Invisible Review Interesting opening for white, but the game was still close towards the endgame. Oh! It didn't record the other window when I reviewed.... Sorry about that... :( (15-05-15)
89   Review of #88 This is a game review of the Game 88. (17-05-15)
90   The empty corner Too busy to take the empty corner. It's already 90th video! :) So it is! Congratulations, Hajin! (22-05-15)
91   Attacking is Difficult Black's opening was interesting. (15-06-15)
92   Continuous Chase White was impatient to start fighting from the very beginning. (17-06-15)
93   Go Seigen Opening Tried the Go Seigen opening :) See here or (23-06-15)
94   Unexpected Ponnuki Black and white both built big moyo in the opening. (26-06-15)
95   Let's review I reviewed the game I played yesterday, because the recording didn't have my microphone... Windows... I'm glad I use Ubuntu (02-07-15)
96   Bad Exchange Who is over playing? (05-07-15)
97   Between Mid- and Endgame Review of the match I played today (Jul. 9, 2015): The 9th GG Auction Cup Preliminary 1R (Women's Division) (09-07-15)
98   Corner Capturing Race One joseki led to an intense opening. (12-07-15)
99   Bulgarian Genius Special Game with a viewer! I had a surprise facebook comment event for selecting my opponent, the winner was a Bulgarian player :) (16-07-15)
100   Moyo to Territory 100th!! Haylee also announces her new book! (20-07-15)
101   So close Interesting battles from the beginning... (17-08-15)
102   Two Weak Groups Unusual opening led to complicated fights... (20-08-15)
103   One Ko Threat Short This is a review of my professional match (43rd High Resort Cup Meijin Title Preliminary 1R) (spectators: "one of the best video's ever") (28-08-15)
104   Failed Opening Don't let your opponent get a strong wall in sente :p (New channel arts and new shaky laptop (09-09-15)
105   Sneaky Ladder Breaker Game review of an official professional match (Let's Run Park Cup / Preliminary 1R) (16-09-15)
106   Opening Experiment Tried a different opening with black! :) (23-09-15)
107   Where is my territory Getting into the middle game, white was getting thin and behind in points... But Haylee did get a bunch of flowers.. (01-10-15)
108   Mortality I was feeling too confident before the game finished... Featuring the new Intro-video (07-10-15)
109   Temptation Unusual corner positions (all 6-4 points) seemed to head for a peaceful opening until black faced a strong temptation to resist white... (14-10-15)
110   9D Net Net is not always obvious to see! (19-10-15)
111   Throw-in Trap Tomek: Black style was a little careless. He hit a big wall :) " Don't throw in when your opponent has an eye" (21-10-15)
112   Over-endgame Aham: Tough game. Very concentrated. (27-10-15)
113   Last Hope  Gatsu:It seem that playing tengen is complicated at any levels :) (04-11-15)
114   Too Thin Bad things happen when shapes are too thin... (09-11-15)
115   Overlooked Connection Tom: Here we see the low Chinese opening. (19-11-15)
116   Early Mistake Melinda: Is an undo request for a miss-click considered poor form? (27-11-15)
117   Tenuki Timing Deciding when to tenuki is often tricky! (30-11-15)
118   My Favorite This is a review of my favorite game as a professional player! (against Rui Naiwei 9P in 2005) (03-12-15)
119   Countdown Risk Rafael: I love how you laugh it out after losing by time. (28-12-15)