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 TitleYou Tube Description (italic remarks are mine, not Hajin's) 
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01   Advanced Capturing Race I play Go online while thinking out loud. (Haylee started out as 5 dan) (18-10-14)
02   Flexibility of Moyo It seemed like white was going to kill the upper left corner, but things happened and...... (21-10-14)
03   Atari is not always sente This game was a bit too short, but still there were a few interesting elements. (22-10-14)
04   Straightforward Choice White's solid territories vs. black's wide moyo. Eventually white let black build too many territories while white's territories remained static. (23-10-14)
05   Invasion Disaster Black lost 5 stones early in the game and didn't manage to recover. (28-10-14)
06   Know Your Joseki Black made wrong choices in two corners and the game ended rather early. (29-10-14)
07   Keeping a weak group accompanied The game started with black's moyo versus white's territory, then it led to a big attack in the center. (30-10-14)
08   Corner Disaster Black and white both start off with big moyo and it narrows down to who reduces the opponent's moyo better while maintaining its own. (30-10-14)
09   Poking a thin net White managed to build a large frame on the lower side, and things started happening when black attempted to reduce it. (09-11-14)
10   Weakness of Two-space Jump Black built a nice territory on the left side, and white had to catch up with the potential from the lower side. (Title Credit: Philip Ripper) (10-11-14)
11   Crazy Guy Outside
 Black was trying to build the left side, but went too far. (11-11-14)
12   Early Death It was a normal opening until white decided to do something in the upper left corner. (12-11-14)
13   Not over yet Black gets behind from the beginning with a slow move, and then the situation gets worse. Later, though, black meets an opportunity... (13-11-14)
14   Failed Reduction When black's lower side got bigger, white decided to reduce and black started attacking the white stone. (13-11-14)
15   Price of Overplay White was threatened with the black's territory on the upper side and played an over-play. (20-11-14)
16   White Palace As white's territory in the upper left corner becomes too large, black had to do something. (21-11-14)
17   Power of Net Black was ahead after the upper left corner and the left side, but white's invasion in the upper right corner stirs everything again. (23-11-14)
18   Opening Subtlety Black starts with the lower Chinese opening, but white's upper right corner is not on the star-point... (24-11-14)
19   Don't attach there With all the tenukis and going around, the game became complicated from the very beginning. (25-11-14)
20   Charging with a peep Black had a good start getting the right side, things become complicated as black decided to save the lower side immediately. (26-11-14)
21   Endless Troubles It was the 1st game as a 7 dan. (27-11-14)
22   Slippery Joseki The game becomes complicated from the beginning as black cuts white into two in the upper left corner. (28-11-14)
23   Mis-click Recovery Black's overplay during the uncommon joseki in the lower right corner leads to an unfavorable position. (29-11-14)
24   Snapback Black's one stone on the right side was light, but all troubles started as black didn't give it up. (30-11-14)
25   Wrong Liberty Black misses a chance to surround the center, and the difference radiates in every direction. (01-12-14)
26   Monetizing by attacking White builds a good territory in the lower side early on, and black tries to catch up by building the upper left corner. (02-12-14)
27   Central Jumps With white's invasion in the lower side, the game develops into one that neither black nor white has a big territory (03-12-14)
28   Dead in Snow As black's moyo in the upper side became so big, white had no choice but seriously attack the black group from the right side. (04-12-14)
29   Near Death Experience White's group in the lower side was so close to dead. (05-12-14)
30   Ladder Ending White got behind in territory and had to attack black's two groups on the left side. (06-12-14)
31   Four Knight's Moves White attacks the black group on the left side to catch up with black's territory. (06-12-14)
32   Second Line Security As black's weak group got settled on the upper side, white's two groups became vulnerable. (08-12-14)
33   Escaping using Ko The fight started with black's early invasion on the lower side expanded to all over the board. (12-12-14)
34   Long Journey of Recovery White took gote due to mis-reading at an important time and got into a big trouble. (13-12-14)
35   Inadequate Life White got into trouble as the ko happened on the left side. (18-12-14)
36   Dumpling When white's group on the upper side was surrounded, white should have been more serious about its life, not points. (19-12-14)
37   Smooth Endgame 1st game as 8 dan, and introducing Haylee's theme music! Thank you, Nick, for your kind gift. :) (20-12-14)
38   85 points-worth Ko White didn't realize its group on the left side had no more liberties than the black group, and the game became hopeless when white's huge group got into ko. (21-12-14)
39   Loose Net As white fell behind in territory, it tried to make something in the center. (22-12-14)
40   Extension Trap White made a few mistakes and the game was just getting worse... (23-12-14)
41   A Wasted Move Black's group on the upper side had rather thin shape and when white tried to cut the one stone on the left side black didn't have enough time to decide how to answer. (24-12-14)
42   Final Capturing Race Black got behind as it failed at attacking the white group on the right side, but white kept pushing. (26-12-14)
43   Empty Wall Black had a good opening but didn't get to materialize. (27-12-14)