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 TitleYou Tube Description (italic remarks are mine, not Hajin's) 
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138   New Leela :) I Played the latest version of Leela! (24-02-17)
139   New Leela :) Had a rematch with Leela on Pandanet with help of my friend's Intel 15-2400 to run Leela. (24-02-17)
140   Strange ending Info about St Petersbug, Alphago and a NEW game against Chinese 9d (01-05-17)
141   Result of the Ko Hajin is never confident she will win ...(or not) (09-05-17)
142   Mountain View I am settled at a new place, and ready to make some videos again! :) (09-10-17)
143   First 5D game in a long time Hajin wil play alternating between 5D and 9D. (24-10-17)
144   Halloween Fun Game I used playing cards to draw coordinates for random moves! My opponent was Leela. (28-10-17)
145   Incredible Cut A very serious game against a 9 dan on Tygem. (06-11-17)
146   Strategic Choice The timing of one strategic choice can change everything. (23-11-17)
147   State of the Corner  I played Leela one level below strongest seting. (10-12-17)
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