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Who is Haylee ?

Haijin Lee (real name) is a Korean professional 3 dan go player. She was born 21 June 1988.
  • Age 5: Started playing
  • Age 6: Won first tournament
  • Age 9: Moved to Go master's place
  • Age 12: Became insei
  • Age 15: Almost became a pro
  • Age 16: became a professional player (2004-11-11)
  • Take a look at some pictures
She won the first place of the 5th ET Land Cup, female division, Qualified in the Korean national team for 4 years and Won a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing World Mind Sports Games. You can see some of her games as 3p on gokifu.

From July 2014 till June 2016 she served as Secretary General of the International Go Federation (IGF). Take a look at an interview with her during the EYGC 2015 in Zandvoort, the Netherlands.
She got married to "American guy" (according the video of game 134) on July 1st 2016. She lived in Seoul, but moved to Geneva, Switserland end August 2016 to attend an MBA program. She currently lives in California.

She shares her diary from her years as a competitive player to her transition to international go organizer in the book Outside the Board: Diary of a Professional Go Player

She has 630 followers (as of April 15) on Twitter
You can learn more about Haylee by watching this YouTube video Info
Overview of Hajin's career and... the link to her fictionalized blog, Baduk Prodigy is here.

Where to find Haylee ?

You can visit her Hajin Lee Facebook page
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Or visit her Haylee Facebook page (YouTube Project)

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Where to watch Haylee's games?

You can watch her games on the Tygem Go Server


Find her games on youtube via the database


Go to Haylee's World Of Go/Baduk on YouTube


What Is Go?

Go (or baduk in Korean) is the oldest board game in the word.
If you can read Dutch, there is a good introductory course at 321go.org

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